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Our Services

Treatments available

We offer a full range of preventative and cosmetic dentistry including:

  • White Fillings

  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Veneers

  • Dentures

  • Tooth Whitening

  • Adult orthodontics (straightening teeth)

  • Hygienist Appointments

  • Domiciliary Care (Mobile Dentistry)

  • Anti Wrinkle Agents

  • Intravenous Sedation (Coming Soon)

Hygienist and Dental Therapist

We offer a full preventative referral programme to our in-house hygienists and therapist.

Each of our clinicians provide personalised regime of oral hygiene care and we encourage our patients to share their experience with us so we can continue to provide an excellent level of service. Hygienists will not only clean your teeth or help to prevent gum disease, but will also advise you on your current oral care regime and ways in which it can be optimised.

An extensive range of dental products are available at competitive prices.

Routine examinations

Regular attendance is advised to maintain your dental and oral health. During these appointments your dentist will carry out:

  • Head and neck examination including the jaw joints and lymph nodes

  • Intra oral cancer and oral pathology screening is performed at every examination.

  • Assessment of the teeth including any restorations you have had or any we anticipate you may need in the future. Also your bite will be assessed.

  • Assessment of the gums and screening for gum disease

  • Digital x-rays of required with an explanation of what we hope to gain by taking this and the results which are available digitally within a matter of seconds will be shared with you at the same appointment.

  • If required we will from time to time take clinical high definition photographs to aid in diagnosis, allowing us monitor small cracks or chips and also to allow us to share our findings with you on one of our HD monitors.

(Please note that new patient examination will be a significantly longer appointment and we are currently booking between 30-45 minutes for this).

Emergency appointments

Emergency appointments will be available to registered patients experiencing dental pain and we aim to try to see patients during the week within 24 hours’ of them contacting us whenever possible. However, it is important to telephone before 10am for an appointment on the same day.

Other dental emergencies which we consider a priority are:

  • Trauma to the head and mouth area

  • Fractured teeth which are causing pain or significant trauma to the soft tissues including tongue

  • Uncontrolled bleeding

  • Lost crown especially on a front tooth where there is a cosmetic concern.

Out of hours service

The surgery answerphone gives details of our emergency arrangements. During bank holidays, weekends and evenings, patients can access help through the on call rota system, although you will not necessarily see your own dentist. You can also call the NHS Helpline on 111.

If the opening hours are not convenient for you to have your dental treatment carried out, please contact reception so that they can review with your clinician and see if we can provide you with appointments at a more convenient time.

Domiciliary/mobile dentistry

We are proud to be one of only a handful of practices in Hampshire who provide dental care to a selection of care homes across Brockenhurst, Sway, Lymington and as far as Barton on Sea and Ashurst. There are several members of staff who are dementia friends and we are actively involved in working with people who live with dementia and their family and friends. If you or your loved one requires this service please call 01590623028 for more information

Our prices

Acrylic Denture
Denture Full Upper/Lower (from) £650.00
Denture Full Upper and Lower (from) £1100.00
1-3 teeth (from) £375.00
4-8 teeth (from) £500.00
Additions to Denture (from) £85.00
Denture Reline (from) £120.00
Denture Repair (from) £85.00
Valplast Denture (from) £750.00
Metal based denture (from) £950.00
Yellow Gold Crown (from) £875.00
Porcelain Crown (non-precious metal) (from) £450.00
Post/Core (from) £150.00
Gold Inlays (from) £500.00
Composite Inlays (from) £350.00
Sports Mouth Guard (from) £95.00
Night Guard (from) £120.00
Tooth whitening (from) £350.00
Routine Examination £35.00
New Patient Consultation (inc x-rays) £55.00
X-Rays (per film) £10.00
High definition clinical photographs Free of charge
Preventative Scaling & Oral Hygiene instruction with Hygienist (30 minute appointment) £50.00
Composite Fillings
Small (from) £65.00
Medium (from) £85.00
Large (from) £110.00
Amalgam Fillings
Small (from) £60.00
Medium (from) £70.00
Large (from) £90.00
Fissure Sealants (per tooth) £45.00
Extractions (from) £120.00
Surgical extractions (from) £120.00
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor (from) £265.00
Pre molar (from) £325.00
Molar (from) £450.00
Root canal fillings with Dr Amin
Incisor (from) £300.00
Pre molar (from) £400.00
Molar (from) £500.00
For teeth which have already been treated and need to be retreated, there will be an additional cost of £100.00

Free consultations are available to all our patients if at any time you have any concerns about your dental care, whether it is previous care you have received at another practice or concerns you have for the future with regards to your teeth.

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